Actual Window Menu

Actual Window Menu 4.5

Add new functions to your windows


  • Gives you more control over how you manage windows
  • Adds more options to the windows menu bars


  • Doesn't add any major improvements to the way windows are managed

Not bad

This simple tool allows you to organize and manage the open windows on your desktop with extra menu options that don't come as standard in the Windows operating system. The program adds a pull-down menu, accessible from the icon of the application in the left superior part of the window, in the title bar.

This menu includes a series of functions including the "coiling” of the window (so that only the title bar is visible), to apply transparency effects, to change the priority of an application, to diminish it to the system tray or to maintain it always visible. Present Window Menu also allows you to create rules to form each window of each application separately.

Unlike simple shell extension solutions, Actual Window Menu allows you to create rules (i.e. available menu items and corresponding settings) for each individual application which is convenient when trying to automate the organization process. You simply find the Window you would like to configure and use straightforward interface to configure its extended menu and its settings.

If you find the way Windows allows you to manage the windows on your desktop a bit limiting, then you'll find this a really useful app.

Actual Window Menu adds several menu items to standard windows menu via application icons in the title bar. Among the new commands are: Roll-Up-Unroll window, 'Set window transparency, change program priority, minimize to task tray and always keep window on top.

These new features allow advanced and newbie Windows users save their time and desktop space by neatly organizing windows.

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